Inter-Society Color Council

ISCC Board of Directors

The affairs of the ISCC are run by the Executive Committee, an elected group of officers, and overseen by a similarly elected Board of Directors. These officers are elected to 2 year terms. The elected officers consist of:
  • President, who oversees the activities of the council and conducts board meetings.
  • Secretary, who is responsible for keeping the minutes of the board meetings as well as all other council records.
  • Treasurer,who maintains the Council's financial records and who serves as the chair of the finance committee.
  • President-Elect, who assists the President in fulfilling his/her responsibilities fo the Society.

The Past-President completes the Executive Committee. The Past-President advises and assists the President over his or her term, and also chairs the Nominating Committee.

The Board of Directors oversees the operation of the Council. The Board consists of between 6 and 9 members, who serve 3 year terms, starting on rotating years. The Board meets several times each year. Whenever possible, in-person meetings are held in conjunction with the Society annual meeting. Teleconferences are regularly scheduled, typically monthly.

Dr David R Wyble
Avian Rochester, LLC
PO Box 1210
Webster NY 14580
President Elect
Ms. Maggie Maggio
Smashing Color

Dr. Jean Hoskin
Mr. Jerald Dimas
Color Communications, Inc.
4000 W Filmore Str
Chicago, IL 60624 USA
(773) 475-2575
Past President
Dr Renzo Shamey
North Carolina State University
College of Textiles

Directors - 2022-2024

Mr. Anthony Calabria

Axalta Coating Systems

Mr. Robin Myers

RM Imaging

Ms. Karen Triedman

Rhode Island school of Design

Directors - 2021-2023

Ms. Shoshana Burgett

Boston, MA

Dr. Kate Edwards


5 Princess Rd.

Lawrence, NJ 08548

Ms. Amy Woolf

Directors - 2020-2022
Ms. Ellen Divers
Ellen Divers Design

Dr. Jennifer (Jen) Kruschwitz
Assistant Professor
University of Rochester, Institute of Optics

Dr. Michael Murdoch
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology, Program of Color Science

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