Godlove Award

The Godlove Award was established by Mrs. Margaret N. Godlove in memory of her husband, Dr. I. H. Godlove. The fund was presented to and accepted by the ISCC during the 25th Anniversary Meeting of April 6, 1956. The award is usually, but not necessarily, presented biennially in odd-numbered years.

We have consolidated the award nomination forms into a single document. Download it, print, and send to the ISCC office (details on on the form). Or you can scan the form and email it to us.

The Godlove Award is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Inter-Society Color Council, and honors long term contributions in the field of color. Candidates will be judged by their contribution to any of the fields of interest related to color, whether or not it is represented by a Member-Body. A candidate's contribution is to be considered in the light of the objectives of the Council as defined in Article II of the Constitution. This contribution may be direct, it may be in the active practical stimulation of the application of color, or it may be an outstanding dissemination of knowledge of color by writing or lecturing, based upon original contributions of the nominee. The candidate need not have been active in the affairs of the Council, but they must be current or former members of the ISCC. All candidates must have had at least five years experience in their particular field of color.

The most recent recipient of the Godlove Award was Mark D. Fairchild in 2021. View a recording of Dr Fairchild's Godlove Lecture. (name and email required).

All past recipients are listed below.

1957 Deane B. Judd

1959 Ralph M. Evans

1961 Dorothy Nickerson

1963 David L. MacAdam

1965 Isay A. Balinkin

1967 Edwin I. Stearns

1969 Harry Helson

1971 Norman Macbeth

1973 Dorothea Jameson and Leo Hurvich

1975 Vincent C. Vesce

1977 Hugh R. Davidson

1979 Gunter Wyszecki

1981 Robert M. Boynton

1983 Eugene Allen

1985 Franc Grum

1987 Charles D. Reilly

1989 W. David Wright

1991 Richard S. Hunter

1993 Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr.

1995 Joel Pokorny and Vivianne Smith

1997 Henry Hemmendinger

1999 Calvin S. McCamy

2001 Max Saltzman

2003 Rolf Kuehni

2005 Alan R. Robertson

2007 Robert W.G. Hunt

2009 Roy S. Berns

2013 Joy Turner Luke

2015 Anna Campbell Bliss

2017 Ellen C. Carter

2019 Danny C. Rich

2021 Mark D. Fairchild

The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design.
Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.


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